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Content Marketing

What Is Content Marketing?

Helpful content needs to be at the center of your marketing material.
Consumers are most definitely closing the doors to the conventional world of marketing. People own DVRs to bypass TV adverts, they whizz past magazine adverts, and are now so super sharp at “surfing” online that they'll absorb online info without taking any notice of banners or buttons (rendering them useless).

Intellegent marketers know that conventional marketing is fast becoming obsolete, and new approaches need to be found.
Hello content marketing!

But what is content marketing exactly?

Content marketing is about marketing with a strategic approach with the aim to distribute valuable, relevant, interesting, and consistently high quality content to draw in, retain and establish a clearly defined audience — ultimately, to bring in paying clients using a subtle approach.

The purpose of content marketing is to draw in, establish and retain customers by systematically creating relevant, valuable content with the intention of helping or enhancing the surfer's behavior. It's an ongoing method which needs to be integrated into an overall marketing solution or startegy. Content marketing should focus on owning media rather than renting it.

In short, you can look at content marketing to be the art of communicating with prospect cusomers, but without direct selling, thus an uninterrpted approach. So rather than pitching your products and services, you're offering information that shows you are knowledgeable in your field and helping your potential customers gain intelligence too. The basis of any content strategy is in the belief that if we as businesses, can deliver consistent, current, valuable information to patrons, then they will see us as a trusted source of intellegence and ultimately trust us to do business with.

And this is actually what happens!

 Content Marketing Model

Who Uses Content Marketing?

Content marketing is getting used by great marketing organisations wouldwide, including P&G, Cisco, Microsoft, etc. It’s also developed and used by small businesses and even one-man retailers worldwide. Why? Because it really works!

Content Marketing is the present and near future of marketing, I say that because predicting the distant furture has always been hit and miss!

Go back and browse the content marketing definition again, and this time take away the relevant, interesting and valuable part. That is the BIGGEST DIFFERENCE between content marketing and the regular junk that you get from businesses trying to sell you stuff. Businesses push information at us all the time, and it is just that the majority of the time it’s irrelevant or without value (rather like spam!). That is what makes content marketing so great and intriguing in the current environment, where there are literally thousaunds of marketing messages pushed in front of each person daily. Smart content marketing gets a person to stop, read, focus, think, and behave differently.

Marketing professionals and 'thought leaders' worldwide, including peope like Seth Godwin, have realised that content marketing is not the future, but more so the present.

Marketing is IMPOSSIBLE Without Amazing Content

Regardless of the types of marketing strategies you use, content marketing has to be part if your process, and not to be treated seperately or as an after thought. The content must deliver HIGH QUALITY across all forms of online marketing:

• Social media marketing - A content marketing strategy should usually come before your social media strategy.
• SEO - Search engines, such as Google, reward businesses which consistently publish high quality, unique content.
• PR - any successful PR campaign needs to address issues that the reader cares about instead of their business.
• PPC - Pay Per Click can only really work if there is good content behind it.
• Inbound marketing - Content is the the key to driving in new leads and traffic.
• Content strategy - This is a major part of most content marketing strategies.

Put it this way, if you can get your prospects to look forward to your next marketing material, whether on your website, print, email or other, then you are doing a great job. If not, now is the time to figure out how to work on your content marketing strategy.


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