Goose and Dust

Goose and Dust

Goose and Dust is an example of a shopify Ecommerce website for children's apparel. There is a gallery area in addition to the usual products page, and purchases can also be made from links on the homepage. There are social media links to increase SEO with Pinterest pins on all the product pages to increase interaction. The User Experience is delightful, there are minimal click throughs to make a purchase. It is fully accessible and responsive.

The design is in typical Clear Cut Web Design style: clean and uncluttered! The brief was for a clean, slightly edgy design with an urban chic feel, where quality products and images took the center stage.

Shopify allows users to control the Ecommerce side of the business with ease and confidence. It is an intuitive secure system, however templates are limited, and this particular site began as a template but was customised to the client's requirements.

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